The countdown is running

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Countdown is running

In 35 days, the time has come. The countdown is drawing to a close. Then the long-awaited vacation will finally begin. This year we are going to Mexico, more precisely to the Yucatan Peninsula, to Playa del Carmen.
It is not my first visit to Mexico. Already in 2010 we spent our vacation there. Besides the impressive flora & fauna, the ancient Mayan sites are also a popular destination. Not only the world famous Mayan settlement of Chichen-Itza with its impressive pyramid, but also the temple city of Tulum is very worth seeing.

Of course there is also beach, sun and swimming. The water in front of Yucatan is very clear, but beware of the pelicans. They come down quickly once in a dive to get a fish. Of course I will take plenty of photos and post them here in the blog or in the gallery.

You can find travel information about Mexico here: Travel Information On Mexico.

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