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Verona is a major Italian city in the Veneto region. It is located halfway between Lake Garda and Venice, directly on the Adige River. We took the opportunity on the way back from Venice and stayed for one night in this beautiful city. The historic buildings and structures of the old town are simply breathtaking.

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Maldives – Unique

After the beautiful, but also very exhausting round trip through Sri Lanka, we had 9 relaxing days at the Robinson Club Maldives. It is located only 56km north of the equator in Gaafu-Alif Atoll.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – Beautiful country part 1

Sri Lanka, that means beautiful country and with it one runs in no way danger to exaggerate. This small island on the southeastern tip of India is a true natural paradise.

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Lost Places in Leipzig

Lost Places in Leipzig 2022

Lost places are places that were once the center of urban life and have now been forgotten. There are not very many of them anymore. Most of them have been demolished and replaced by new buildings.

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Night photography

Night photography in Leipzig with 50mm

What we do not need is a tripod or a flash. The benchmark was to shoot a pleasing image with a fixed aperture and an ISO of mx. 4000. To be honest, my first attempts were rather miserable not to say miserable.

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canon 50mm fixed focal length

Canon 50mm fixed focal length

At the end of September 2021, I decided to buy a 50mm fixed focal length. After I had purchased the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM
had bought.

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Lockdown Judas tree

Nature does not lockdown 2020

Nature does not do lockdowns. While we humans around the world try to fight the universally conjured, death-dealing pandemic SARS COVID-19 with mouth-nose protection, contact restrictions, lockdowns and shutdowns. Nature does not take a break.

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