Nature does not lockdown 2020

Lockdown Judas tree

Nature does not do lockdowns. While we humans around the world try to fight the universally conjured, death-dealing pandemic SARS COVID-19 with mouth-nose protection, contact restrictions, lockdowns and shutdowns. Nature does not take a break.

Focus stacking for macros

Focus Stacking

Focus stacking for macros is a method to compensate for the very shallow depth of field using multiple images, with different focus.

In the Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden

Today I took advantage of the beautiful weather to visit the Botanical Garden in Leipzig. Until today, I had missed visiting this gem in our trade fair city.

Cherry blossom on the Mulde

cherry blossom

Yesterday, Saturday, I took the opportunity to go with my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to Trebsen at the Mulde river, hoping to find some cherry blossoms or spring flowers already, I went for a walk along the river bank.