Lost Places in Leipzig 2022

Picture of Frank Neumann

Lost Places

A photo afternoon at old buildings in leipzig
Lost places are places that were once the center of urban life and have now been forgotten. There are not very many of them anymore. Most of them have been demolished and replaced by new buildings. Yesterday I was with Ulrike Bürger, a well-known photographer and painter from Taucha on the road to visit in sunny weather some of the remaining places to make one or the other photo. We started our tour in Lindenau at the Techne Sphere at the Kirow plant. Afterwards we walked to the nearby Bauwollspinnerei. This old factory site has been preserved almost pristine. today the spaces of this old factory artists fill with your studios, galleries and stores for art supplies. A mix of modern art and old brick facades exudes its own charm. On every square meter you can find interesting motives.
Some very small and hidden, others large and obvious. Fortunately, I had in addition to my super wide angle also my 50mm and my 100mm macro lens. So I was permanently busy with Objektiwechsel, but could really almost every motif optimally photographed. Finally, it went to the Sudfriedhof. The old tombs and the large main building always provide perfect motifs. Unfortunately, the sun was already relatively low and not every motif could be photographed more optimal. Below you will find a small selection of my yield. Most motifs I have kept in black and white, because I think that you can better reflect the mood.

Selection of some images

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