Miami – City in the Sunshine State

Frank Neumann

General Miami:

Who flies to Florida on vacation usually lands at Miami International Airport (MIA), one of the largest international aviation hubs in the world.
One thing right away. Miami is the second largest city in Florida after Jacksonville, but it is NOT the capital of Florida. The word Miami comes from the language of the natives and means “big water”. In Miami live about 5.5 million inhabitants.

The majority speaks Spanish as a native language. So it may well happen that you ask a boy something in English at the valet parking, but this is not able to understand one, or to answer in English. In Miami live many exiled Cubans and other Central and South American immigrants.

But the city itself is by far not so large. Rather, it is the many adjacent regions and cities that make Miami grow into a metropolis. As in my other blog posts I will try to give you useful tips.

However, I will not be able to compete with any travel guide here. Which is why it may well happen that you personally like a spot as a highlight, but I have not mentioned him here.
Then you can post this here but very happy as a comment. This will make the information for other users even more detailed


Arrival & Rental Car:


IMPORTANT: For entry into the USA you need an approved ESTA visa. This must be applied for at least 14 days prior to travel and is approved online. The visa costs about 14 US dollars. When you arrive in Miami the U.S. Customs and Border Protection`s passport control will welcome you. APCThe passport control. Here you will be asked about the duration and reason for the stay, if you are suspicious of the officials, the questioning can also go a little deeper.

After that, fingerprints of all fingers are taken and a nice photo shot. After that, you take your luggage in receipt and go through some more minor controls such as customs, food, etc.. Alternatively, there is also the so-called APC (Automated Passport Control) which can also use ESTA travelers

Hab you booked a rental car, which you take at the airport in reception, you must now to the Car Rental Station. To do this, follow the signs to the MIA Mover. You have to go to the 3rd level of the airport. Enclosed still another plan of the airport.


As soon as you have received your rental car, you should start the navigation system before you leave. It takes a while to find the necessary satellites. After you have left the building with your vehicle, you are also already put before the big question “North or South”?

The driveway on the highway allows only these two choices. It recommends itself urgently to make itself in the apron smartly where one must there and possibly already Google Maps to trouble around itself one an overview to provide.

We wanted e.g. after South Beach and drove the logic following to the south. What ultimately turned out to be a mistake and brought us a detour of 1 hour. Unfortunately also through not too trustworthy neighborhoods of Miami.

Hotel recommendations:

Turnberry Isle Miami

Turnberry IsleThe Turnberry is a very luxurious hotel of the “Autograph Collection” by Marriott. It is located in the Aventura district. Directly across the street from the Aventura Mall. But do not worry, from this hustle and bustle you get in the hotel nothing at all.
It has 389 rooms and 27 suites. But the simple double rooms are quite enough for any “normal mortal”. This resort has a golf course.

Direct beach location has this hotel unfortunately not. But it offers a shuttle service to the hotel’s own beach club on the beach. Here one enjoys the exclusive advantage of a hotel-own beach section. What is unusual in Miami is that the beaches are public. In the beach club itself there are sanitary facilities, a snack bar / restaurant, a pool and a SPA area. Also lie and towels there are here inclusive.

A double room cost on average around the € 140 / night (not per person). But you can, depending on the day of the week, save one or the other euro. Thus, an arrival on Sunday is much cheaper than on Friday (where plenty of weekend golfers book in). However, it is quite a drive to Ocean Drive or Miami Downtown. Here you should plan a good 45-60 minutes by car.


Turnberry Isle Miami

19999 West Country Club Drive
Aventura, FL 33180
P: 305.932.6200
F: 305.933.6560