In the Botanical Garden

Picture of Frank Neumann

In the Botanical Garden Leipzig

Today I took advantage of the nice weather to visit the Leipzig Botanical Garden in the morning. Until today, I had failed to visit this gem in our fair city.
Now, armed with my new camera and macro lens, I hoped to take some nice snapshots of Mother Nature. The abundance of flowers and plants from all over the world was stunning. Not only the colours and shapes impressed me, but also the smells that the exotic plants gave off were intoxicating.

Unfortunately, these could not be captured with the camera. Furthermore, the garden offered a workshop through its butterfly house today. There you could see many giant tropical butterflies up close. It was also not uncommon for one of these exotics to simply sit on your own arm. This made photography a bit difficult.

I can only recommend a visit to the Botanical Garden in Leipzig to every Leipzig resident and also to guests from outside Leipzig. This garden is also one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world.
To give you a small impression of the diversity in the Botanical Garden, I am not attaching a gallery here, which shows a few of the most successful pictures.

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