First attempts with my macro lens

Picture of Frank Neumann

On the road with the macro lens

Just in time for spring, I have once again expanded my photographic equipment. For a long time I had been flirting with a real macro lens.
The Canon EF 100 f/2.8L Macro IS USM was my first choice. The timing was good, because Canon is currently offering 125 euros cashback for this lens.
I was a little naïve when I approached the matter. Because without a tripod there is really not much you can do. Well, I noticed that quite quickly and, despite the suboptimal weather, I went on through the Leipzig countryside in search of suitable motifs. I was not really satisfied. The expected AHA effect didn’t happen yet either. But I think I really underestimated the whole thing. But now I have a field in which I can further educate myself.

Nevertheless, a few decent pictures came out, which I would like to present to you briefly here. Of course, the lens can also be used as a normal 100mm fixed focal length, which is why I am not only including macros here.

I hope to be able to present even better motifs here in the near future.

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