Nature does not lockdown 2020

Picture of Frank Neumann

Lockdown in nature does not exist

Judas TreeNature does not do lockdowns. While we humans around the world are trying to fight the universally evoked, death-dealing pandemic SARS COVID-19 with mouth-nose protection, contact restrictions, lockdowns and shutdowns. Nature does not take a break.
Even if the first media and meteorologists are slowly starting to direct people’s hysteria towards the climate again and are truly talking about a growth stop of nature, nature is proving them wrong. The Judas tree is in full bloom and plants and insects are enjoying this warm sunny day.

I took advantage of the long awaited relaxation and bravely went outside to enjoy the flowers in the Leipzig botanical garden without an FFP-2 mask or any other mouth protection.
Of course I had my Canon EF-100 2.8 macro lens with me. As in last year you will find everything a photographer’s heart desires. Bees, blossoms, buds and thus wonderful motifs. Be it the giant Judas tree in full bloom or the rhododendron bushes which shine in many different colours. Plants from all over the world and from all climatic zones are blooming and showing their beauty. No signs of growth stoppage or drought.

Enclosed you will find a selection of pictures I took today. I hope you like them.