Cherry blossom on the Mulde

Picture of Frank Neumann

Cherry Blossom and Bees

Yesterday, Saturday, I took the opportunity to take my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to the river Mulde in Trebsen.
Hoping to find a few spring flowers already, I went for a walk along the river bank. Unfortunately, crocus and primrose had already faded. But a cherry tree was in full bloom. On closer observation, I noticed the many bees and other insects. They were feasting on the first nectar of the blossoms. So I stopped and photographed these beautiful blossoms against the blue sky.

I have added a few attempts to capture this ensemble with insects.
While concentrating on the bees and the blossoms, I almost missed the pair of kites. They were constantly circling above me, looking for food for their offspring. I hope you like these pictures. Otherwise, I would be very happy to receive your suggestions and comments.

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